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Our ideal is to have meat lovers experience our products and have them realise they don’t have to miss out on anything if they take meat out of their diet for one or more days. That is why we always try to capture the flavour of animal meat and why we characterise ourselves as an entirely new generation of meat and fish substitutes that are, according to top chefs and culinary journalists, indistinguishable from the real thing. Ferran Adria (El Bulli) was convinced that he was dealing with chicken thigh of excellent quality and Mark Bittman, culinary reviewer of the New York Times couldn’t find enough superlatives to describe his experience. The Independent headlined: “Is this the end of meat?”

我們的理想是讓愛吃肉的人嘗試我們的產品,並且真心認為:有了The Vegetarian Butcher植系肉 ,即使每週撥出幾天「無肉日」,也能依舊感到滿足無比!這就是我們執著於重現動物肉味道的原因,並將自己定位為肉類和魚類的新一代替代食品。事實上,即使是頂級廚師和美食記者也認同我們的植系肉與傳統動物肉無異;就連Ferran Adria(El Bulli)在處理我們的產品時,亦堅信自己正在處理優質雞腿;而《紐約時報》的美食評論家Mark Bittman,則認為他那次植系肉的體驗,已經到了非筆墨所能形容的地步⋯⋯更具說服力的是,《獨立報》亦發佈標題評論:「這是動物肉的終結嗎?」

Taking the animal out


Our mission is to free animals from the food chain by offering a complete and delicious alternative to meat. This will not only provide huge benefits in terms of efficiency, nature, environment, climate, bio diversity and the world food supply, but also in terms of animal welfare. The same way horses were once used to pull ploughs and have been replaced by mechanical horsepower, our products will make need for animals in our food chain a thing of the past.


Better for the environment 為環保出力

Cattle emit the greenhouse gasses methane and nitrous oxide. Which are both a lot stronger (25 and 310 times) than CO². On top of that, cows, pigs and chickens cause a huge manure surplus causing pollution of our soil and groundwater. Poultry farms produce a lot of particulates which cause air pollution and can damage our health. All of our ‘meat’ is free of the before mentioned environmental disadvantages. Our products based on soy, have a smaller carbon footprint compared to that of real meat.


想隨時隨地獲取廚藝靈感?Chef Buddy幫到你!

想隨時隨地獲取廚藝靈感?Chef Buddy幫到你!

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